Focus on the reality of true peace.

I started this to write and learn new ideas for resting emotionally because life had been crazy. And I was tired, physically.

Yet, everything real that provides peace (calm delight) for a grace believer is based on the word of God. The provisions for the grace believer are the only real solutions for true soul stability. I should know better than to look for cheap replacements that provide only a measure of short-term relief! So, there is going to be a lot of writing, explaining what God has provided. So, when you accept the Peace Treaty, then you too can have access to the Lasting Peace, which is a truly Useful Peace, and it provides a location of Restful Peace.

That being said, it seems I’m getting some relief from insomnia by trying melatonin. I’ve had a few good nights of sleep (anything over 6-7 hours is win for me). I’d like to try and sleep longer. I’ve eliminated extra sugar and grains which simplifies my diet. My $17 fitness tracker has been a big success. I am considering upgrading. I had a $30 one in my hand. I realized the $17 version already has the desired effect on a daily basis. It counts my steps and quantifies my sleep. It lets me set goals and it bumps me to get up after being sedentary for a period.

I’ve been getting out of my chair and doing “Super Body, Super Brain” (exercises that challenge your coordination too).


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