Sitting is the new smoking?

I heard that “sitting is the new smoking.” I don’t smoke, but I sit all day. What they’re implying is that it is very unhealthy to sit all day.

Stand up

So, we need to stand up. We need to move around. “Get the blood flowing…” and that seems reasonable.

So, rather than spend money on a special desk that when I want to stand and down when I want to sit, I spent the money on two giant monitors and put one above the other.

With Microsoft Windows (and I’m sure Apple products), you can mirror your displays or you can extend your displays across the monitors. When I’m sitting, I use both monitors to increase my screen real estate. Maybe I’ll put my “to do” list or email client on the top monitor and work on the bottom monitor.

When I’m standing, I’ll only use the top monitor only. It’s a giant and it is at eye level when I’m standing. It is a 39-inch LED HDTV. It was $200. Element brand.  The bottom monitor is slightly smaller. But it’s still really big. It is a 32-inch LED HDTV. Same brand. It was $133. They work great.


New fitness tracker! $17.

In addition, I thought I’d try a Fitbit.  But not a real Fitbit.  A low-cost version of a fitness tracker, to see if I like using one. This thing is awesome. Bluetooth paired it with the app immediately and easily (Android phone). It tracks my steps and calories. It measures sleep. It remotely fires the camera on my phone. It has an alarm for when I’m being a slug (sedentary). For $17.

$17 fitness tracker that works.

Yes, I would like one that has GPS so I can download track information into my mapping applications I use for hunting.  That way I don’t have to leave those applications up and running while I’m hunting. But I’ll see how this goes first!



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